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The best beaches of Rimini and the surrounding area

The most famous seaside resort on the Adriatic coast, Rimini is a favorite vacation spot not only for Italians, but also for tourists from all over the world. The coast of the resort is about 15 kilometers of magnificent beaches with soft golden sand, conventionally divided into 10 areas. The first official beach in Rimini was opened in the middle of the XIX century, now there are more than two hundred of them.

The beaches of Rimini are perfect for family vacations - the sea is not deep, and the entrance to it is gentle, which is completely safe even for small children. There are both paid and free beaches, but, regardless of status, all the beaches of Rimini are clean and tidy.


Rivabella beach, located two kilometers from the center of Rimini, is famous for its bright and fiery evenings of folk dances, fun festivals, ball games in the sand. Often there are tastings of great wines of the Emilia-Romagna region, and a variety of beach activities are organized - belly dancing lessons, yoga classes, sports competitions.

There are many souvenir shops and cafes in the coastal area of ​​Rivabella.

The Panther healing spring, which flows near the beach, also attracts tourists. It originates in the Viserba district in the northern part of Rimini. It is officially recognized that spring water with regular use has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

In the coastal zone of Rivabella there are a lot of bars, cafes, pizzerias, fish restaurants, souvenir shops, hotels, on the beach there are rental of beach equipment, sports and playgrounds, a children's mini-club.


Marebello, like other Rimini beaches, is famous for its wide and very well-groomed beach area, as well as fun and interesting entertainment programs that are held throughout the tourist season. Various festivals and festivals, dance competitions and beach volleyball and futsal sports, various master classes, as well as tastings of local wines are held on the Marebello beach. In the evening, vacationers and residents of nearby areas have the opportunity to see the magnificent fireworks, which are organized here quite often.

Marebello Beach is famous for its very well-kept beach area.

In the summer, water slides are open here for children and adults, a children's school works, where experienced instructors teach kids not only to stay on the water, but also to swim perfectly. On the beach, you can rent a pedalo or a catamaran, ride a banana or parachute over the sea.


The beach area of ​​Bellariva is approximately four kilometers from the city center. Like all Rimini beaches, the sea is clean and gentle, and the sand is very soft and warm. Bellariva beach is perfect for families with children - a gentle entrance to the sea, constantly working lifeguards, a very clean and well-groomed coastal area. Various folklore festivals and holidays are often held here, as well as the popular annual mollusk festival Sangiovese, which attracts guests from all regions of Italy.

Bellariva Beach is great for families with children

Bellariva Beach has a traditional rental point for sun loungers, umbrellas, sports equipment, as well as various water attractions for children and adults - parachutes, bananas, pedal boats.

Lungomare Augusto

Lungomare Augusto, second most popular Rimini beach, located in the central area of ​​the city. Life on the beach does not freeze day or night: in the daytime you can do aerobics, yoga, drawing or take part in sports, in the evening on the beach of Lungomare Augusto unbridled fun begins, which often lasts until the morning. It becomes especially noisy and crowded here at the end of summer, when the Pink Night dance marathon takes place on the beach, pink is present everywhere - both in the outfits of the guests of the holiday and in unusual lighting that turns everything around in pink.

In the evenings, unrestrained fun begins on the beach of Lungomare Augusto

On the well-groomed area of ​​the beach there is everything for a comfortable stay - cafes, restaurants, street bars, sports grounds, souvenir shops and shops, a rental point for umbrellas, sunbeds and equipment for water sports. Windsurfing and sailing instructors also offer their services here.

Marino centro

Marina Centro Beach is one of the two main city beaches, which is the main recreation area for citizens, it was in its place in 1843 that the first official beach of the resort city was equipped. The beach is connected with the city center by Vialé Amedeo Principle.

It is always noisy and crowded, during the summer season almost every evening there are all kinds of entertainment events - costume parties, concerts, shows, discos, which are mainly attended by young people, making Marina Centro the most rave beach in Rimini. During the day, you won’t be bored either - yoga, drawing, embroidery classes, as well as various contests and sports are organized on the beach, for which there are volleyball courts and tennis courts.

On the Marina Centro beach, shows and discos are held every evening

The beach area is always well maintained and well equipped - there are changing cabins, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, traditional beach attractions, as well as a number of excellent cafes, restaurants, street bars, clubs, comfortable hotels located in the coastal area.

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Photos by: Giulia Fiori, Luis Lipe Correia, Michele Solmi, Sergio Bertolini, Luis Lipe Correia, Alidada.

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