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Baldinini is one of the largest and most successful Italian brands specializing in the production of high-quality shoes, mainly handmade.

Brand History

The history of the creation of the Baldinini brand dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, in the 1910th year, when the head of an Italian family of Baldinini came up with the grandiose idea of ​​opening his own shoe workshop.

This undertaking was something completely new and unusual for the public of that time, since until that moment shoemakers and craftsmen had to personally move from house to house in the hope of finding a person who was ready to pay for their work.

It was thanks to the seemingly crazy idea on the territory of the small provincial town of San Mauro Pascoli that the first workshop in history appeared, in which you could buy shoes from Baldinini. Gradually, a small family business began to grow and develop: methods for making shoes improved, the first, still rather timid experiments began.

However, after just a couple of decades of successful prosperity and functioning, family business was almost driven into a state of crisis - the protracted Second World War was the cause of this.

Baldinini nevertheless managed to overcome the accumulated financial difficulties, and this allowed them to turn their amateur craft studio into a real developing shoe company that could one day enter the world market.

Jimmy Baldini - the heart of the brand

Baldinini was doomed to world success, when suddenly a young and inexperienced Jimmy Baldinini suddenly stood at the helm.

He was the rightful heir to the family business, but from an early age all his family and friends predicted a dizzying musical career for him. Nevertheless, despite several years of painstaking and diligent training at one of the Italian conservatories, the future fashion designer decided to tie up with music, thereby giving preference to family business.

At the helm of family production, Jimmy Baldinini was in the early 70s of the last century. Having taken full responsibility for the future fate of the company, he decides to pursue a new reformist policy, marking the era of his "rule", as a time of serious changes and modernization. It was thanks to such a brave decision about Baldinini that they started talking all over the world.

The 1974th year became especially significant in the fate of Baldinini, when the sandals released by the company unexpectedly gained fabulous popularity, once and for all conquering the sophisticated audience. At that time, up to 500 pairs of high-quality shoes had to be made per day, and only by hand.

Two important factors prevailed in the design of models of that time - traditional elegance and practicality. When developing this or that shoe design, Jimmy Baldinini tried not only to come up with something bright and unusual, but also skillfully put it together with the accumulated experience of his ancestors.

The legendary "Model 75"

Speaking about this or that brand or fashion house, we will surely present in our head some distinctive feature that is characteristic only of it alone. So, for example, if it is Chanel, then we can’t help but recall the famous Chanel No. 5 perfume, if Christian Louboutin, then our imagination will certainly draw a picture of a brightly scarlet, catchy and noticeable sole. Baldinini is not inferior in this regard, offering fashionistas from around the world to admire their legendary slippers - "Model 75".

"Model 75" - these are the fateful sandals that allowed the Italian company to enter the world stage, which elevated it to a privileged status. Jimmy Baldinini personally worked on the development of this shoe, and, having invested his soul in his work, he was fully awarded, having won the honor and respect from the most famous fashionistas.

“Model 75” - heel sandals without a heel, which instantly gained dizzying popularity. Their success was explained by the fact that all the features necessary for a real lady were present in the design and construction - they were feminine, graceful and elegant, and, most importantly, belonged to amazing Italian culture.

Baldinini today is ...

Baldinini today is one of the most successful companies, which continues to grow, attracting more and more new customers from around the world. At the moment, it is no longer just a legacy of the Baldinini family.

This brand is part of a large holding called Mariella Burani Fashion Group, which it joined after being acquired by Antichi Pellettieri.

Baldinini joined the Mariella Burani Fashion Group at the beginning of 2001, and this was a kind of commemoration of new, cardinal changes in the company's policy. From now on, Baldinini is not just a company producing high-quality women's and men's shoes, it is a real fashion house, which is responsible for such products as cosmetics and perfumes, clothes, underwear and accessories.

Despite the personnel changes, the Baldinini brand remained true to itself. And, if you review all the catalogs in recent years, you will notice that all manufactured products and models are in close relationship with each other. They continue to be traced all the same aesthetically adjusted style and grace.

Where can one buy

Currently, there are more than 100 monobutics of the brand in the world, but in addition to them, shoes and other goods from Baldinini can be purchased in a number of online stores:

  • Baldinini - Official Store Site
  • - great discounts
  • Farfetch are our friends

Interesting facts about Baldinini

  1. The brand’s homeland is the small town of San Mauro, located in southern Italy.
  2. To date, Baldinini branded boutiques are open in 23 countries, in total there are more than 100 brand lobbies.
  3. The museum of the same name stores over 4,000 pairs of shoes.
  4. Jimmy Baldinini, the head of the company, is not a professional designer.
  5. Baldinini made handmade shoes especially for Lady Diana and Vladimir Putin.

Watch the video: Baldinini. Fall Winter 20192020. Event (November 2019).

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