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Rome in January

After the busy Christmas holidays in the second half of January, relative calm sets in in Rome. There are not very many tourists in this period, and local entrepreneurs are trying to make the most of the outstanding respite in order to prepare for the new season. Nevertheless, in January there is also something to do in Rome: the cultural program in the city is rich in holidays and events, and the long-awaited period of winter sales begins in stores.

The height of the Italian winter falls precisely in January, but, compared with the temperature indicators of Russia, the January weather in Rome is very warm.

Weather in Rome in January

At the beginning of the month, the air can warm up to + 9C, and towards the end - even up to + 13 + 14C. Even a couple of times a month, but the night temperature can drop to the OS, and then the streets of Rome turn into a real skating rink.

The average daily temperature in Rome in January + 11C

The weather in Rome in January is characterized by frequent rains, and because of the dampness, the air seems colder than its "pluses". The first snow in Rome falls in late December or early January and usually rains, but such precipitation rarely exceeds normal.

  • The average daily temperature in Rome in January + 11C
  • The average night temperature in Rome in January + 4C
  • Number of rainy and snowy days - 8

Cultural program

On the first night of January, as elsewhere in the world, the Romans celebrate the New Year. BlogoItaliano wrote more about this in articles in Rome in December and the New Year in Rome, and therefore now we will not repeat it. On the afternoon of January 1, the city was left to the children: on the main squares of the city, the authorities organize mass events and festivities with the main focus on the smallest Romans and guests of the Italian capital.

On January 1st, mass events and festivities take place in Rome

The second significant holiday of Rome in January is considered the Catholic Epiphany (Epiphanius), which the Italians celebrate on January 6. On this day, solemn masses are held in churches and the last time they light trees in squares. At Epiphany, as at Christmas, in Italy it is customary to give each other presents, and therefore, if you are invited to visit, do not come empty-handed.

Another important holiday of January is St. Antonio's Day (January 17), considered the founder of monasticism. On this day, services are held in all the more or less significant churches, which, in their beauty, can only be compared with Christmas services.

Excursions in Rome are popular at any time of the year.

January in Rome is also marked by grandiose sales. As a rule, sales begin simultaneously throughout Italy on the first Saturday of January and last 60 days. But in practice, they often end earlier due to the end of lots of discounted goods.

In many stores in Rome during this period, you can buy designer clothes from Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci, Valentino and other famous couturiers at ridiculous prices. The biggest excitement during the sales is experienced by the shops on Via del Corso and Via Condotti - perhaps the most famous shopping streets of Rome for tourists.

Catholic Epiphany (Epiphany) Italians celebrate January 6

What else to do in Rome in January

Even if in Rome in January there wasn’t a single holiday at all, you wouldn’t be bored anyway. As in any other month of the year, tourists besiege the main Roman sights, for the sake of visiting which they go to the Eternal City.

The Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Sistine Chapel and the Borghese Gallery do not know the low and high season - there is no end to those who want to get inside. To avoid the queues at the entrance to the main Roman attractions, especially given the frequent January rainfall, you should purchase tickets in advance. You can do this using the links below.

At any time of the year, excursions are also popular in Rome. To help travelers figure out which excursions in Rome should be given priority, BlogoItaliano has prepared a special review of the 5 most interesting.

Finally, one can always escape from Rome for a day or two to Naples or Florence. A fast train ride to both cities takes a little more than an hour, and therefore, if desired, it is quite possible to catch a round trip in one day. Especially popular among travelers is Florence.

The cradle of the Renaissance and the city in which the most visited museums of Italy are concentrated attracts tourists all year round. Among the museums that are worth visiting in Florence, the Uffizi Galleries and the Academy are especially worth highlighting.

Winter sales in Italy start on the first Saturday of January

Tickets for the Rome-Florence train can be purchased here, and BlogoItaliano wrote in detail about other ways to get to the Cradle of the Renaissance in the article How to get from Rome to Florence and from Florence to Rome.

If you decide to stay in Florence for more than 1 day, then the most complete catalog of hotels in the city with photo rooms, a map, numerous guest reviews and the possibility of instant booking is presented here.

A trip to Naples should be combined with a visit to Pompeii - the famous ancient city, destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius. You can find out about the possibility of joining the Rome-Naples-Pompeii one-day excursion at Lela, the Rome guide that BlogoItaliano wrote about here.

Rome in January. Summary

The cool weather in January scares away many travelers, but this minus is more than offset by a rich cultural and shopping program. The New Year's Eve in Rome, no doubt, will leave a lot of pleasant memories, and a shopping trip during the sales period will also save significantly on updating the wardrobe.

New Year's Eve in Rome will leave a lot of pleasant memories

Prices for flights and hotels in Rome in January, except perhaps the first week, reach their bottom, so this period is well suited for budget trips. It should only be taken into account that January in Rome is a rather damp month, and therefore more warm and waterproof things should be put in luggage.

Watch the video: Rome in Winter Travel Vlog 3 day Rome itinerary + Rome insider tips! January 2019 (February 2020).


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