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Rome Guide: Your Man in the Eternal City

Once upon a time there was another article. Then - two years ago - I wrote about my visit to Rome and left a review about the guide. How wonderful it is when you have a familiar guide to Rome! That fleeting acquaintance over time grew into friendship. I began to consult with a guide on some Roman articles, at my request she introduced guides in other regions, and during visits to the Eternal City she often formed a company, leading to places where only locals go.

So now - in honor of the 2nd anniversary of our acquaintance - I decided to completely rewrite the old article: we already ate “so much salt” together that it lost its relevance. So, get acquainted - my friend Lela is the most obligatory, smiling and charmingRome guide and the Lazio region.

Rome walk with Lela

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Acquaintance in Rome

Lela brought us together. Looking for guided tours in RomeI wrote her a letter. She is the only one of dozens of guides who answered my request for an excursion; also did it about 20 minutes after sending the first message. Other guides simply ignored the letter.

“You were just lucky,” Lela later told me, “I had my trip canceled, and I had a free day. I was just in the mail when I saw your message. Otherwise, I would have to wait until the evening, or even the next morning. But I would answer "I always answer. Even if everything’s already scheduled for the selected date."

The Pantheon itself has many cozy summer cafes

Then we spent the whole day together. And, in addition to numerous Roman stories, I recognized her own. Originally from Siberia, she moved to Italy twice. For the first time, Lela entered the University of Genoa in 2010. But the first pancake came out lumpy, and soon due to family circumstances, she had to return to Russia. A new attempt was not long in coming: Lela changed her university, city, profession, and for several years, as she firmly established herself in Rome.

Having built a rather successful career in Russia, Lela is again a student in Italy. This time at the Faculty of Tourism at a university in Rome. Career also had to start from scratch: at first she worked with groups of other tour guides, later she began to conduct excursions herself.

Positive man

When we met her, Lela was already firmly settled on the seven Roman hills and felt in the Eternal City, like a fish in water. Being a marketing specialist by her first education, she managed to find her niche even in such a crowded market as sightseeing Rome.

On a tour of the center of the capital of Italy

“You know,” she says, “people come to Rome, perhaps once in their life, and want to get the most out of the trip. And this is not only the Colosseum or St. Peter's Basilica. This, in particular, is the attitude towards them. And for many of my colleagues it's just business. Without a soul. "

You can’t say the same about her: Lela is rooting for her job, putting a part of herself in every traveler. And when she speaks, she smiles all the time. A smile never leaves her face. It feels like she was not born in Russia. Remember these complex faces with narrowed eyes in the Moscow metro? This is definitely not about her.

With whatever mood you come to Lele, she is guaranteed to improve it. And I don’t think that the reason is a subtle knowledge of psychology. It’s just that she walks through life easily and with a smile, and when you meet her live, you can’t but recharge with this positive energy. Maybe I was just lucky to see her always on the positive? Maybe. But lucky with enviable regularity.

Roman streets are perceived in a completely different way if an experienced guide is nearby

Guide and person

How cool to have personal guide in Rome and the Vatican. For me, Lela conducted a real full-fledged tour only 1 time - during our first meeting. After being in Rome three times after that, all the other joint walks called tours do not turn the language.

Starting from the second trip, we met as old friends, and with its help I discovered Rome through a completely different prism: the curved narrow streets of Trastevere, the view hills and numerous establishments by no means educational. Over time, we had our places and appearances, and a little later, a special time for meetings: when the city begins to cool from the heat of the day, Italians hurry home from work, and in many restaurants happy hours begin.

Cafe on Piazza Navona

But the guides, apparently, are still born: "Here is the best choice of scarves in Rome, the Angels and Demons took pictures here, this statue is not Bernini at all, but in this gelateria they make the most delicious ice cream." At some point, you catch yourself thinking that she probably says at least three times as many words a day as you do and, most likely, even speaks in a dream.

Emotional business

Recently, Lela and I began to talk a little less: for six months I went to Rome only once, and with the onset of the crisis, she completely focused on expanding her business, diving headlong into new directions.

At first glance, this seems strange: with the depreciation of the ruble, Russian tourists in Italy have become noticeably smaller, and those traveling are trying to control their expenses to the maximum.

“Indeed, there is not so much Russian speech on the streets as before,” Lela says. “Many of my colleagues have left tourism, but this is only an excuse to get better. The crisis will clear Rome of those who seek easy money, and there will be only those guides who "I'm really passionate about my work and ready to fight for it."

Walking along Trastevere

Six months have passed fruitfully, and now Lela not only organizes excursions in Rome, the Vatican and the entire region of Lazio. Her once small business is expanding rapidly:

  • escort of those who arrived for shopping,
  • trips with entrepreneurs to purchases in Italian factories,
  • translations in business negotiations,
  • and even real estate advice.

A separate direction is everything related to romance. After all, many travelers come to Rome to surprise their beloved mate, to celebrate their wedding anniversary and even offer a hand and heart. Lela helps with the choice of places, book tables in restaurants, organize photo shoots and music - in general, everything to make the event a success.

This approach is already yielding results: “I like to see that travelers leave satisfied and the best indicator is recommendations,” says the guide to Rome. “There are more than half of those clients whom one of my former tourists left contact with. This is a very high indicator for tourism, and I'm really proud of it. After all, this primarily means that you managed to make someone a little happier. "

Rome Guide: Contact Lela

During our acquaintance, Lela became one of the most Russian-speaking guides in Rome. This is not surprising, because she offers only the best excursions at competitive prices, and at the same time she still checks mail many times a day and personally unsubscribes to each traveler.

You can contact her by e-mail email protected or through the feedback form below. She will tell you about the cost of excursions in Rome and the Vatican, make a detailed route taking into account all your wishes and preferences.

The only thing about Lele's excursions is to write in advance, since some dates are booked by travelers several months before the trip. But even if you are already in Rome, Lela will still try to help you. Just because she cannot do otherwise.

Write Lele now and start planning your adventures in Rome.

Mail to Lela:

* By clicking on the "Send a Message to Lele" button or adding a review, I consent to the processing of personal data and agree to the privacy policy

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Rome Guide: Your Man in the Eternal City SKU UPC Model

Were at the end of August 2017, booked an excursion Christian shrines of Rome. As well

Rome Guide: Your Man in the Eternal City
09/21/2017 Posted by: Svetlana

Were at the end of August 2017, booked an excursion Christian shrines of Rome. How interesting !!! We really, really liked it. Thank you so much!!

product 0.3

In August were with friends in Rome. For me personally, this was the first trip to Italy. R

Rome Guide: Your Man in the Eternal City
09.09.2016 Added by: Natalya

In August were with friends in Rome. For me personally, this was the first trip to Italy. We decided to get to know the city better and book a tour with a local guide. Lela answered almost immediately, orientated by dates, made recommendations on how best to plan the route.
We never regretted choosing a guide !!! Lela led us around the center of the city, told a lot of interesting things about Rome itself and about all kinds of little life hacks, which we later used more than once.
Lelochka, thank you very much for the interesting story and company. Good luck in your studies and activities. You literally fell in love with us in this city. You will be with us in Rostov, we will be happy to see you again. Although, of course, in Rome the reason for meeting is better;))
Natalia, Stas, Olga and Mikhail.

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3.5 5.0 2 2 Were at the end of August 2017, booked an excursion Christian shrines of Rome. How interesting !!! Our Guide to Rome: Your Man in the Eternal City

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