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How to get to Venice from Marco Polo Airport

Marco Polo Airport is one of the busiest in Italy, which is not surprising, given the popularity of Venice at any time of the year. But the hardworking Italians have developed a whole infrastructure connecting Marco Polo with both Venice itself and its less famous satellite city of Mestre. In this case, of course, could not do without taking into account the Venetian specifics. We will talk about all the details in this article.

Regular routes to Venice from Marco Polo Airport

ATVO Fly Bus is one of the most popular options for getting from the airport to Venice. The shuttle arrives at the Piazzale Roma (Piazzale Roma), from where you can catch shuttle boats. One-way ticket price - 8 euros; round trip - 15 euros (2018).

Typically, the first flight leaves from Marco Polo Airport at around 5am, the last at 23:30. Tickets are sold online, as well as in ATVO offices and vending machines, which are located in the baggage claim area, arrival hall and at the departure station near the airport. In Venice itself, a ticket can be bought at Piazzale Roma.

Airport shuttles arrive in Venice at Piazzale Roma

Another option to get to Venice from the airport is to catch city ​​bus number 5. The operator is ACTV. A one-way ticket will also cost 8 euros, and a round-trip ticket will cost 15 euros (2018).

There is also a single ticket for a bus from the airport and vaporetto in Venice itself. It is valid for 90 minutes and costs 14 euros; The price includes the carriage of one piece of baggage, but the dimensions should not exceed 150 cm in the sum of all measurements.

ACTV buses from the airport run regularly from 4 in the morning until late at night. Travel time takes about 20-25 minutes. You can buy bus tickets at tobacco kiosks or on press layouts.

You can also get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice by water

Given the features of the city, there is also the possibility get from the airport to the center of Venice and by water. To do this, use the service Alilaguna Lines. On it you can "get" immediately to St. Mark's Square, Rialto Bridge or Fondamenta Nuove. It takes just over an hour to get to San Marco.

The cost of a one-way ticket is 15 euros, a round-trip ticket is 27 euros. Tickets are sold right at the airport, at the boarding station and at the three stops listed above in the city. If you buy through the Internet, it will be a little cheaper. Details of routes and timetables can be found here.

Helpful advice: When planning a trip to Venice, be sure to set yourself an audio city guide for the iPhone link. This is a ready-made audio excursion that will save you a lot of money on excursions.

The audio guide works without the Internet, and a built-in map with attractions and GPS will make it easy to find all the excursion points. In the free version, 5 out of 60 objects are available, and the full route through the center of Venice will cost you only $ 6. You can download the audio guide to your iPhone on this page.

From Marco Polo Airport to Venice by boat

There is another interesting way to get from Marco Polo Airport to the center of Venice. And although it is less economical than the first, it is much more extravagant.

The service is called very fresh - shuttle from Venice airport, and BlogoItaliano, perhaps, would not have focused on it if it weren’t for the local specifics — fast boats deliver passengers from the airport to Venice.

Airport shuttles in Venice can be quite unusual

If you are traveling in a small company, this may turn out to be more profitable than a taxi and more interesting (as well as more comfortable) than regular transport. In addition to the trip from the airport to Venice, you can also order the opposite - from the hotel to the airport.

Shuttles run on the route daily from 9:15 to 19:45 (from the airport to the city) and from 6:00 to 17:45 (from the city to the airport). Passengers are delivered directly to the hotel pier in Venice or to the nearest pier, if there is none at the hotel. The cost of the service is from 42 US dollars (not euros) per person.

You can learn more about the service on the shuttle booking page here.

Taxi to Venice from Marco Polo Airport

Another way to get there to your hotel in Venice from Marco Polo Airport - by taxi. As in the whole world, taxi cars meet passengers already at the exit from the terminal, but in Italy in general and in Venice, in particular, it has its own peculiarities.

Firstly, among Italian taxi drivers, there are those who are not averse to “snatching excess” from the onlooker passenger. Secondly, a rare taxi driver speaks English reasonably well. Finally, it should be borne in mind that Venice itself is located on the islands, and therefore, if your hotel is in the city, you can get there by car not everywhere.

However, taxi from Marco Polo airport to Venice - it is very convenient. In order not to take risks, you can order a taxi in advance via the Internet. It is very popular among European tourists. The main advantage is the miscalculation of the full cost of the trip and travel time even without entering personal data.

The second important plus - the transfer is carried out “to the doorstep”. That is, if your hotel is located on the farthest island of the archipelago - this is a taxi problem, not a passenger.

Finally, when ordering a car in advance from Marco Polo Airport to Venice, the passenger does not have to pay a downtime in case of a flight delay or a long passage of border or customs procedures.

A taxi service tracks all flights arrivals, and the driver will patiently wait for their passengers with a sign indicating their names, even if the plane arrived late at 12 o’clock.

Another “trick” makes traveling with special requirements easier for passengers. For example, when traveling with bulk luggage or a small child, you can indicate this on the order form, and a taxi service from Marco Polo Airport will send transport equipped according to the order, be it a large amount of luggage or pre-installed child seats.

In detail, BlogoItaliano devoted a separate article to this convenient service Taxi in Italy: how to book directly to the airport. But, thanks to the Russian-language version of the interface, you can deal with the order yourself through this online booking form.

Update as of July 16, 2016.

Already after the publication of this article on the Internet appeared another taxi service online from Venice Marco Polo Airport (and not only from it). Thus, thrifty travelers can now compare prices in different companies and choose the most profitable and suitable option for themselves.

Below is a summary of the most popular destinations and tariffs (2017):

The most popular taxi directions from Marco Polo Airport

Since the service started working later, it was implemented in a more modern way: a more understandable and friendly design, a full-fledged Russian-language support service and a very convenient Russian version.

As for tariffs, we would recommend checking the current prices directly for the dates of your trip in both companies. For service No. 2, you can do this at this link.

How to save time and money on transport

As elsewhere in the world, Venice has the rule that the longer the validity period of your transport card, the less you pay for each day of its use.

However, Venice is an expensive city by any standards and a daily pass will cost you 20 euros, while, say, a weekly one will cost 60 (2018).

Venice is an expensive city by any measure

The good news is that the pass is valid both on public water transport (except for the route Alilaguna, Clodia, Fusina), and on regular bus lines (including movement along Lido and Mestre).

One of the sites where you can buy a “travel card” in advance is BlogoItaliano wrote in more detail about public transport in Venice in this article.

Car rental services at Marco Polo Airport

In Venice itself, a car is hardly useful to you. There is nowhere to use it in the city. But if Venice is not the end goal, but the starting point, then car rental has its advantages.

At the Marco Polo airport, if not all, then almost all the major international car rental operators, as well as a number of local ones, are represented. It will take a lot of time to compare their conditions in order to get a car with an optimal price-service ratio. But you can do it easier and use the popular international rental car comparison service Rentalcars.

The system not only compares the current prices and conditions of car rental companies in online mode, but also allows you to immediately book your favorite option. You can compare rental conditions at Marco Polo Airport on this page.

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Watch the video: Venice Marco Polo airport to Venice by boat, Italy (February 2020).


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