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Rome in June

June in Rome is a peculiar transitional period from spring to summer: at the beginning of the month the weather is still soft in spring, ideal for walking and sightseeing, but by the end of June the heat comes to the capital of Italy. However, real tourists cannot be frightened by the summer heat, their number is growing along with a rise in temperature, so when planning to visit popular attractions, museums and exhibitions, you need to be prepared for long lines.

Weather in Rome in June

The temperature in Rome in June ranges from + 20 + 23C at the beginning of the month to + 30C at the end. It is, of course, about daytime temperatures; it’s much cooler here at night - about + 17C. There is almost no rainfall in Rome in June - meteorologists forecast only four rainy days, which most often fall in the first half of the month.

There is almost no rainfall in Rome in June

Insofar as weather in Rome in June hot enough, you should take care of light clothing, a hat, sunglasses, as well as a good cream from sunburn and, of course, comfortable shoes that can withstand long walks.

  • The average daily temperature in Rome in June + 27C
  • Average night temperature: + 17C
  • Number of rainy days - 4

Things to do

A series of summer celebrations in Rome begins on June 2: Italians celebrate on this day Republic Day - a highly revered national holiday. Like most of these public holidays, Republic Day begins with a solemn laying of wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the country's top officials take part in the event.

June 2, a military parade takes place in Rome

A military parade is taking place on the avenue of the Imperial Forums - representatives of all military branches, in orderly columns, march from the Coliseum to Capitol Hill. Fighters circling above the city, spraying colorful smoke high in the sky, the color of which symbolizes the colors of the national flag of Italy. Republic Day is a public holiday in Italy; on holidays, many shops and entertainment venues are closed.

Another bright and beautiful holiday, very revered by the Romans - St. Giovanni's Day. On the day of San Giovanni, colorful and cheerful festivities are organized in the square near the church of the same name, a traditional fair is held, and in the evening, when it gets dark, festive fireworks soar into the sky above the square. At night, an incredibly beautiful procession with burning candles in hand, led by the Pope himself, takes place across the square near the church.

In June, another religious holiday is celebrated - the day of Peter and Paul, the saints who are the patrons of the city. In honor of them, a solemn mass takes place in St. Peter's Basilica - the action is quite impressive. By the way, Rome is the first city where this holiday was widely celebrated.

In early summer, the Roman Summer festival kicks off in Rome, continuing through September. The festival program includes various concerts, theatrical performances, film screenings, which, if weather permits, are arranged right on the street.

St. Peter and Paul Day, festive fireworks

As part of the festival, festive trade is organized - fair pavilions grow on the banks of the Tiber River, where you can taste and buy Italian wines brought from all over the country, artisans' products, as well as taste excellent local cuisine.

Music lovers are waiting for the Roma Incontra il Mondo festival, which is attended by performers of a wide variety of music from all over the world - from classical to folklore. The festival, according to tradition, takes place in Villa Ada - one of the largest forest parks in Rome.

Tourists with free time may well go to Flower Carpet Festivalpassing in the town of Gensano, located 30 kilometers from the capital.

In June, the main city street is covered with a magnificent carpet of flowers - bright, striking, and at the same time, delicate and elegant. This floral masterpiece is created by the hands of talented florists, flowers are brought for it from all nurseries in Italy, and then stored in caves, trying to keep their freshness and attractiveness as long as possible.

Flower Carpet Festival in Jensano

What else to do in Rome in June? Of course, visiting the historical sights, of which there are many in the city - the Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica, Pinakothek, Borghese Gallery, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and many others.

Fans of shopping will find numerous fashionable shops and boutiques in Rome itself, as well as excellent outlets and shopping centers in the suburbs of the capital (BlogoItaliano wrote more about them here). The best branded stores in the city are located in the area of ​​Plaza de España, where clothes and accessories of almost all famous designers are presented.

Rome in June will not let shopping lovers get bored

If time permits, then from Rome you can take a one-day train to the cradle of rebirth - Florence. Thanks to numerous high-speed trains that cover 280 km of distance between cities in an hour and a half, it is absolutely unprofitable to go back and forth within one day.

The only problem may be the lines at the ticket office of the Roma Termini train station, but with the launch of an online service for selling train tickets in Italy, this has ceased to be a problem. More details about the ways to get from Rome to Florence and back BlogoItaliano wrote here.

Another idea for those who want to get to know the city more closely can be an extremely rich excursion program. Moreover, the latter includes not only Rome itself, but also many very close neighborhoods.

With a guide or an excursion group, you can go to the most important places of imperial Rome, explore the monuments of the Renaissance, study in detail the masterpieces of the Vatican or go to Naples and Pompeii. You can find out the details of excursions for Russian-speaking tourists, including on BlogoItaliano, with the guide Lela, an article about which is here.

Rome in June. Summary

The weather in Rome in June is quite suitable for long walks on city streets and squares, visiting attractions, hiking in exhibitions and museums. In the second half of the month it can be a little hot, since the daytime temperature by this time reaches + 30С, but this does not bother real tourists at all.

Tickets to Avoid Huge Queues at Roman Attractions

June in Rome can be attributed to the high season - the stream of people who want to see the Eternal City is growing every day, and with the number of tourists, prices for everything - tours, flights, hotels are also rising. To get to the museum or exhibition hall, you have to stand a long line at the ticket office, and sightseeing - the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and others will take place in a crowd of the same thirsty tourists.

One way to avoid queues and save a couple of extra hours is to buy tickets in advance via the Internet. You can do this online using the links below:

Miss in Rome in June You won’t have to: the first month of summer is quite rich in events and holidays, in which both the Romans and guests of the city take an active part with pleasure.

Roman Summer Festival takes place in Rome from June to September

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