Fendi is one of the most famous Italian fashion houses, which specializes in the production of accessories, wardrobe items, cosmetics, perfumes, as well as genuine leather and fur products.

Who stood at the origins?

The brand’s history dates back to 1918, when the aspiring entrepreneur, Adele Casagrande, came up with the idea of ​​opening her own store selling leather and fur wardrobe attributes.

The outlet was successfully located on Via del Plebitsio, almost in the center of Rome. However, the world-famous name for the brand appeared only seven years later, in 1925, when Casagrande married Edwardo Fendi. After changing her maiden name, it was decided to rename the store as "Fendi".

The family business was slowly starting to flourish and grow, and already in 1932, the second boutique was opened by Signora Fendi. This time, Via Piave was chosen as the location of the outlet.

The protracted World War II had a detrimental effect on the fate of only the nascent brand, and therefore, upon its completion, the rapid restoration of two stores that had temporarily stopped functioning began. All five daughters of Adele Fendi were enthusiastically involved in the revival of the family business, distributing among themselves various responsibilities: someone became responsible for the manufacture of fur, someone tried himself as a designer, someone started reporting.

It was the Fendi sisters who made the crucial decision for the brand in the early 1960s - concluding a contract with the beginning and very extravagant German fashion designer and designer Karl Otto Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld in the fate of the brand

After the dizzying success at the competition of young fashion designers in 1955, the then still unknown German youth with a hard-to-pronounce surname, Lagerfeld, fell the first rays of fame.

Despite the fact that Yves Saint Laurent won the competition, Karl Lagerfeld nevertheless received several advantageous offers to start cooperation. Thus, by the year 1963, the beginning, but very promising designer, worked immediately with four successfully developing fashion houses, including Fendi.

It is Lagerfeld who owns the idea of ​​the legendary brand logo with two inverted letters “F”. However, the development of the logo is not the only merit of the fashion genius. It was with the advent of Karl in Fendi that the sweetest heyday began in him.

The very first collection of light, almost flying fur coats from a new creative designer, presented to the public in 1966, found a response in the hearts of fashionistas of that time. It was after this fashion show that Fendi's fur coats became a new symbol of chic and presentability, automatically turning into a pass to exquisite celebrations and events, noble receptions.

Legendary Baguette Bag

The world first learned about the legendary Baguette bag in 1997, after the presentation of a new collection at the next fashion week in Milan. This accessory was something unusual and extravagant, unusual for a sophisticated audience.

The bag, according to its idea, resembled a French baguette: rectangular, oblong, small in size. It should be worn under the arm, forgetting about the existence of handles and long straps.

Despite its considerable age - 19 years, this bag model to this day remains one of the main bestsellers in the global fashion market. Magazines regularly include her in the lists of the most relevant accessories, designers do not stop talking about her uniqueness and versatility, and fashionistas from around the world dream of getting this expensive wardrobe item.

Fendi today

Fendi today is no longer just a network of fashion boutiques scattered throughout Rome and owned by the same family, it is part of Louis Vuitton's large alliance Moët Hennessy S.A., which bought back a controlling stake in the company in the early 2000s.

In connection with the 80th anniversary of the fashion house, in 2005, the grand opening of Palazzo Fendi took place in Rome.

In this improvised Palace two studios are united at once. The first is an elite atelier for tailoring products made from natural fur and leather, the second is the largest monoboutique. The building is located at Via di Fontanella Borghese 48, 00186.

The Internet

In addition to shopping centers and monobutics, items from Fendi can also be purchased in online online stores:

www.fendi.com - the official website of the online store
www.kupivip.ru - discount luxury items

New office at Square Coliseum

In October 2015, the Fendi fashion house changed its location, moving to the famous Colosseo Quadrato. Restoration work on the preparation of the building took almost two years, and during this time tremendous work was done. Outstanding modern designer Mario Nanni took full responsibility for the new headquarters design. It was they who invented to use such interesting decor elements as innovative lighting in the new boutique atelier studios. Thanks to Fendi, the Coliseum also has a full glass penthouse on the top floor.

The new office of the fashion house is currently located at Piazzale delle Nazioni Unite 37.

Refined style of a modern city

Currently, Fendi fashion house is developing collections not only for women, but also for men, and even for children. The clothes of this brand are distinguished by high practicality, but at the same time sophistication. Street style has long had a foothold in the concepts of many modern fashion houses, and Fendi is not far behind in this regard.

The latest collections of the brand combine several important qualities: the simplicity and convenience of casual style, as well as the luxury and sophistication of Hollywood, which is manifested in small details. This allows Fendi to remain as relevant and relevant as possible in the crazy rhythm of life in a modern metropolis.

The spring-summer 2017 collection is somewhat out of the general concept of the brand. This time, the designers decided to completely abandon the traditional fur elements in clothes, instead giving preference to light and weightless materials - chiffon and silk. In the images of the upcoming season, a mixture of two diametrically opposite styles was clearly visible: sports and romantic.

How to distinguish a Fendi fake bag from the original?

Bags from Fendi are considered one of the most popular, and therefore they are increasingly becoming targets for replica manufacturers. How can one not get lost in all this variety of fake things and not be deceived by acquiring a low-quality thing? Below you will find a number of effective tips.

It should be noted right away that distinguishing the original Fendi from a fake is much more problematic than the things of other brands, however there are a number of nuances that are worth paying attention to:

The quality of the skin used

Fendi bags are famous for their high-quality workmanship, so to verify the authenticity of a particular model, you can first verify its quality.Genuine leather always easily takes its original shape, and therefore you can slightly crumple the bag, thereby checking to make sure that there are no dents or other defects on it.

Small items and decorations

Fake makers often save on bag items such as zippers, clasps, or rivets. Therefore, if in the store you notice strange roughness, rust and other imperfections - you can be sure that this is not the original.

Flat stitches

“Traveled” or “floated” seams are also not a guarantee of quality.


A clear and easily visible company logo should be embossed on the lining of the bag.

Interesting Facts

  1. The brand is actively involved in charity work. So, in 2015, with the funds raised by the company, one of the main attractions of Italy, the Trevi Fountain, was restored. Here, it was decided to hold the anniversary show in 2016 and present a new collection of clothes. To organize the event, a special glass bridge was erected in the middle of the fountain, on which models marched. Everything that happened was striking in its beauty and scope. So, when viewed from above, it seemed that the girls were walking not on the catwalk, but on the water. Celebrities such as the sisters Hadid and Kendall Gener were among those who participated in the fashion show.
  2. Today, Fendi has over 160 stores in 25 countries.
  3. On the occasion of the opening of a new brand store in Paris at 22 Avenue Montaigne in February 2008, the famous singer Amy Winehouse gave a private concert.
  4. In 2007, a show of the brand's new collection took place on the Great Wall of China.
  5. The famous American rapper, Kanye West, arrived at one of the secular parties with the brand logo shaved on his temple.

Watch the video: Baby Fendii Ride Official Music Video (December 2019).


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