Ciampino Airport in Rome: how to get and fly cheaply

Ciampino Airport (Aeroporto di Roma-Ciampino, CIA code) in Rome is small but very economical. This is the “native” airport of the low-cost airline Ryanair. Agree that the opportunity to travel around Europe, buying tickets, for example, from Rome to Barcelona or to Sicily for 11-40 euros is very attractive.

How to get from Ciampino to Rome

So, you have arrived at Ciampino Airport. In the arrivals area there are only 4 luggage claim tapes, so it’s very easy to navigate.

Baggage is issued much faster than in Fiumicino. Usually you have to wait no more than 10 minutes. After receiving the luggage, we move to the exit and decide how to get to Rome.

By bus

The cheapest way to get to Rome is by bus. Leaving the baggage claim area, you will immediately bury you at the Terravision box office. A ticket to Termini Central Station (Roma Termini) costs 5 euros if you buy online. The bus runs non-stop and leaves once every 30 minutes. The total time for buying a ticket and the journey to the station is about 90 minutes.
Photos of cash desks below 2016, there the price is 1 euro less:

  • Terravision official website:

If you turn left, notice the box office public transport.

In the evening, of course, they are closed, but during the day there is a chance to save even more and get to Rome for only 5.90 euros.

Official website:

Bus parking is located on the left side of the parking lot.

By taxi

A taxi rank is located at the exit of the airport on the right side. The official taxi fare from Ciampino to Tiburtina station is 35 euros, to the Aurelian wall zone - 30 euros, but in practice such prices work in half the cases. Usually you pay extra for night time, for excess baggage and other surprises.

Knowledge of Italian and a preliminary discussion of the cost with a taxi driver can protect you from unpleasant moments.

  • We recommend reading: Taxi in Rome - how not to let yourself be deceived?

Private transfer

The advantage of a pre-ordered transfer is a fixed price, comfort and travel time. Agree, it’s convenient to leave the hotel and be in the airport in 30-40 minutes. This service is especially relevant for early departures or late arrivals, when it is not very convenient to travel by public transport. Personally, I prefer to use the services of the most reliable Italian in the world and a friend of our site Sergio.

  • We recommend ordering transfers from Rome airports and trips to outlets on

Real example: I will fly to Sicily at 08:10 a.m., I need to be at the airport by 7 a.m. Instead of conjuring with public transport and getting up at 4:00, I book a transfer from Sergio at 6:20, wake up in half an hour, calmly take a shower and have breakfast. Yes, of course, it’s ridiculous to give 45 euros for a transfer in Rome when the two of us bought a ticket to Trapani for the same amount, but 2 hours of sleep and peace of mind are personally worth it. Similarly, arriving from Trapani to Ciampino at 21:10, I am more pleased to be at home at 22:00, and not closer to midnight.

Official website of Ciampino Airport:



Ryanair flies from Rome to almost all the big cities of Italy and Europe.

You can add to the ticket price a fee for choosing a seat of 5-10 euros and the cost of large luggage from 16.50 to 27, 50 euros, but fly away, for example, to Sicily for the declared 10.99 - 19.79 euros with a large hand luggage size 40x55x25 cm and a small bag, as can be seen from the photo below is quite real.

Ryanair official website:


To date, Wizzair has only 6 flights to Ciampino. The most relevant in my opinion are from Katowice, Bucharest and Chisinau.

Wizzair official website in Russian:

Online scoreboard

Using the online scoreboard, you can track the current schedule of arrivals and departures from Ciampino Airport:

Watch the video: Ciampino Airport to Termini Rome City Center 2018. ITALY TRAVEL GUIDE (February 2020).


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