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How to rent an apartment, apartments in Venice?

Renting an apartment or apartments in Venice can be a great alternative to a hotel. The average daily rental price of apartments is in the range of 90-150 euros, which relative to the cost of living in a decent hotel in the city center - 250-400 euros - is quite inexpensive and authentic for many.

Where to live in Venice

In Venice, in fact, the 2 main attractions from which all your walks around the city begin - St. Mark's Square and the Rialto Bridge - next to which there are most apartments, apartments and hotels, but the prices here are higher than the rest. Nevertheless, I recommend looking for apartments in these areas. Why are we going to Venice? That's right, for a fairy tale, and a fairy tale is to admire an incredibly beautiful bridge from a window or walk at dawn along San Marco, surrounded by palaces.

An alternative accommodation option for travelers on a budget can be the Mestre district. The road from Mestre by bus and on foot to Piazza San Marco will take you about 40-60 minutes.

To search for inexpensive and comfortable apartments or apartments in Venice there are 3 simple rules:

  1. To rent an apartment near the vaporetto stop (water trams) - roll luggage along the cobblestones and narrow streets, believe me, this is not a pleasant experience. Ideally, these are the Rialto "C" and S. Marco (Vallaresso) stops, which can be reached from the station on the V1 vaporetto - the closer to the stop and the water, the better.
  2. Plan and book your stay at least 2 months in advance.
  3. In Italy, use only and to search and book apartments. Unfortunately, most alternative services in the majority do not provide such a choice, competitive prices and those. support. There should be a 100% guarantee that you will be settled without problems.

How long does it take to book?

The high season in Venice is the period from April to mid-November and, of course, February is the time of the Venice Carnival and Valentine's Day. I advise you to search for the best accommodation options for at least 3-4 months. If you like to do everything at the last moment, you do not like to plan, then most likely you will have the most expensive or not the best apartments. Below are options with descriptions in which I would consider the opportunity to stop based on personal experience. Pay attention to them or something suitable nearby, be sure to read the reviews of tourists under each offer.

The tips for finding apartments in Rome detail the nuances of booking apartments in Italy.

Historical Center

St. Mark's Square

A hundred steps from the heart of Venice for 120 euros

Cà Satriano - plus apartments right in the "100 steps to Piazza San Marco" and the price is 120 euros relative to, for example, the Baglioni Hotel Luna is very attractive. In my opinion this is a clean and tidy option. Beamed wooden ceilings give the apartment a special atmosphere.

Rialto Bridge

By far, the most beautiful and popular bridge in Venice.

Near the market for 106 euros

Pensione Guerrato - located on a narrow street near the market and the Rialto Bridge. The window through the wooden shutters offers a classic view of the neighboring house with linen, which is dried directly on the windows.

And from our window you can see the Rialto bridge for 262 euros

Gran Canal Terrace Apartments is an ideal option for a romantic trip with your loved one - a beautiful bathroom, excellent decor, and in addition a view from the balcony of the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal, Is it not worth 262 euros? These apartments can accommodate up to 6 people and on my next trip to Venice with my family I will try to book them. On the other side of the canal (the orange building) is the Hotel Rialto, where we have stayed several times, though in rooms without a view of the bridge, as they cost 700-800 euros per day there.

Alternative budget options

If you really want to go to Venice, but your budget is limited to 100 euros per day, I advise you to take a closer look at the neighboring islands of Lido and Burano, as well as the mainland Mestre. The islands can be reached by water buses, which are an integral part of Venice. It is advantageous to buy a day pass (for example, 30 euros for 2 days), since a one-time trip costs as much as 7 euros.

Lido Island

Lido Island in summer is a great option for travelers who want to combine a beach and cultural holiday. Only 20 minutes by water tram and you are at the main attractions. Also on the island there are many restaurants with prices that are more affordable than in St. Mark's Square.

Overlooking the lagoon for 100 euros

Laguna suit - the apartments are located on the very shore of the island (opposite the beaches), from the balcony there is a stunning view of the Venetian lagoon. Neat, clean - perfect for only 100 euros.


There are few offers for renting apartments on the island of Burano, and only the most desperate romantics can stay here. The apartments are small, modest, but the place is really unique - take note.

In a fabulous color house for 90 euros

CASA GIALLA BARCHE QUADRI COLORATI - one of the typical colored houses, can accommodate up to 4 guests. (Temporarily withdrawn from reservations).


For students and travelers on a budget, I advise you to look at the apartments in the Mestre area, preferably closer to the station. For the amount of about 60-70 euros per day, it’s really possible to find a very decent option for an overnight stay, while the economical ones can find a room or apartment more modest for 40-45 euros. The journey to Santa Lucia Station (Piazzale Roma) by bus N2 or N4 will take you 15-20 minutes, a ticket costs 1.5 euros. And from Santa Lucia you are already walking, to the Rialto bridge - about 25 minutes, to San Marco - about 40 minutes, since it is most likely to be expensive to travel by water trams. The current bus schedule (frequent) from Mestre can be found here.

Near the train station for 57 euros

Station Ariosto is the ideal, in my opinion, option for travelers on a budget. Clean, tidy, new apartments at an affordable price. We spent the night, had breakfast with food from a nearby supermarket (the largest Interspar - see on the map), caught a bus and after 20 minutes you are formally in Venice.

I am sure this review and tips will be useful to you. If you have any questions about holidays in Venice, I will be glad to answer them in the comments.

Watch the video: Lucrezia Grand Canal: luxury rental apartment in Venice (November 2019).

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